For goal-oriented document-grounded dialogs, it often involves complex contexts for identifying the most relevant information, which requires better understanding of the inter-relations between conversations and documents. Meanwhile, many online user-oriented documents use both semi-structured and unstructured contents for guiding users to access information of different contexts. Thus, we create a new goal-oriented document-grounded dialogue dataset that captures more diverse scenarios derived from various document contents from multiple domains such ssa.gov and studentaid.gov. For data collection, we propose a novel pipeline approach for dialogue data construction, which has been adapted and evaluated for several domains. We introduce multiple dialogue modeling tasks that are supported by our dataset, and present the baseline approaches.

end user
U1 :I heard about a disability benefit for clothing. What is it about?
U3: I am quite interested about such benefits.
U5: Absolutely.
U7: The latter just happened to me!
U9: True. 
A10: You have met the requirements. [5]&[6]
U11: How much do I get for such benefit?
A12: $817.48    [12]
A2: This is a disability compensation benefit known 
as an annual clothing allowance. [2]&[3]
A4: Would you like to find out if you are eligible?
A6: Any damages to your clothes that were caused by prosthetic 
or orthopedic device or your skin medicine?
A8: Sorry to hear that. And Is it true that you need this device or skin
 medicine because of an injury or illness related to your military service? [8]

[1]VA clothing allowance 

[2]You may be able to get money each year to help buy new clothes.  [3]This is a disability compensation benefit known as an annual clothing allowance.

[4]Can I get disability benefits from VA?

[5]It depends on whether you meet both of the requirements listed below.  

[6]Both of these must be true:
  • [7]Your prosthetic or orthopedic device or your skin medicine causes damage  to your clothes, and
  • [8]You need this device or skin medicine because of an injury or illness related to your military service (called a service-connected condition) 

[9]What disability benefits can I get?
  • [10]A one-time payment, or
  • [11]A yearly payment

[12]Note: The current clothing allowance rate is $817.48.
Disability Benefits
Clothing allowance
U13: Am I still eligible for student load if I get the disability benefit?
A14: Irrelevant request detected.
Figure 1: a sample dialogue (left) that is grounded in a document (right). Numbers in brackets such as "[2]&[3]" indicates the grounding in the spans of the documents.
For more information, please check out paper and data.